March 27, 2008

Obstacles to starting your own business (and how you can overcome them)

Many people dream of owning their own business one day.

Some people actually take action in one form or another and get going. Others however, often feel stuck, and battle to get unstuck and get going.

These are the 3 main obstacles I've come across in my coaching:

1. Indecision
Most people know they want something different from their life but they don't know what. Or they're overwhelmed with choice.

Let's face it - the internet age has opened all of us to SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. E.g. tonight I have session 2 of my How to become a professional organiser group coaching programme and I'll be sitting in my study in Johannesburg and speaking to women all over the world. I get a real kick out of that.

Get really, really clear on what you want to do and who you want to work with before you even THINK about starting up.

2. Time
This is actually the biggest obstacle - "I don't have time"

Rubbish! You have to make the time. That means choosing to write up your business goals over vegging in front of the TV ;)

If your goal is big enough and exciting enough, then you'll make and find the time.

If you need help with your time (both big picture and the nitty gritty stuff), then check out Help! I need more time.

3. Money
You don't have to go ALL OUT when you start.

If your dream is to own your photography business, then keep your day job and start out by doing a course or two. Then buy a better camera.

Start taking pictures of your friends' kids (birthday parties, portraits, etc.) and build up a following who will pay you.

Post your pictures on a free blog first before transitioning to a website. And so on!

If you're currently stuck in corporate life, then check out Pamela Slim's blog, Escape from cubicle nation.

Are you facing any or all of these obstacles? How are you overcoming them?

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