March 30, 2008

New website, fitness update and new goals

Hello everybody

I am so pleased with my new, gorgeous website. I invite you all to come over to my new home and visit online for a few minutes.

Just click the picture above to go there :)

I've been walking a little bit every day to get fitter for the UK trip and I've already lost 0.5kg with only 35 minutes walking (I told you it was a little bit) total.

I only managed 5 minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday went to Salsa Dancing, 15 minutes on Thursday and Friday.

Goals for the week
This week I intend to walk 20 minutes on Tues, Thurs and Fri.
  1. Record audio for new combo-product
  2. Finish an ebook and write the review
  3. Write sales page for my new teleseminar on 15 April
  4. Do goals for the month
  5. Contact 5 clients to check in on them :)

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