March 25, 2008

Itchy bum syndrome

Does anyone else suffer from itchy bum syndrome?

Stop laughing - I'm serious :)

Apparently I have terrible circulation so when I walk just a little bit, my bum and thighs start itching terribly! That's only when I'm not fit (like I currently am).

So when Suzanne mentioned that she needed to get in shape for all the walking we'll be doing on our upcoming holiday in the UK, I remembered my IBS and got seriously worried.

I then decided that from today I would walk 10 minutes a day (to start off with) and increase it until I was comfortably walking A LOT without the itchiness.

Well. I didn't even manage 5 minutes before the itchiness started but I forced myself to walk a full 5 minutes this evening. And another 5 minutes at lunch time. When I got back, i did some leg exercises to compensate.

So the torture continues...I am determined to follow this through, rain or shine!

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Org Junkie said...

Yep TMI...LOL!

Coach J said...

Ha!! Itchy bum. I've never heard of such!!
I'm sorry for you. {chuckle}

Suzanne said...

Oh my god, I am pissing myself and it's quite embarrassing I may add! Not as embarrassing as you will be if you are walking around Stirling all day scratching your bum! LOL Oh my dear Lord! I may be getting crap because I'm an "American", but you my dear will be forever dubbed the scratchy bum South African! ;o) Oh, you made my day!

Marcia said...


Hey everyone

This is a legitimate condition ;) My trusty VA, Angela, googled it and found some links which she sent to me.

Good news - since I blogged this, the itchiness is starting to recede (as I get fitter from my [now] daily walks).

Yay - I now have to keep up the exercise for the next month til we get to the UK!

Ali la Loca said...

Marcia, I get this too!!! Not so much on my bum, but definitely on my thighs. It's torture. But thankfully it does get better once I am in better shape...

I also get it in hot-tubs (jacuzzis).

Apparently it's called heat-induced or exercise-induced urticaria. Urticaria is the fancy name for hives.

Torture!!! But good for you for walking. I am doing pilates these days.