March 06, 2008

How are you using Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site in case you're one of the few people on the planet who hasn't yet heard about it.

I actually got introduced to FB through a coaching client and my profile lay dormant until someone I'd met at a networking event added me to her friends. And so it grew :)

How am I using Facebook?

1. To find old friends from school and university
This is such great fun. I like to think I look the same ;) but I know I'm definitely 10 kg heavier (!).

2. Introducing people to one another
I've found FB to be a GREAT place to mingle. I am good at this in real life - I often think, "oh, you should meet so-and-so" and I hook people up so I LOVE that I can now do it on Facebook too!

3. Keep track of my goals
The one application I love is On track. Suzanne and I will be meeting up in Scotland so she set that as a goal, invited me to be her accountability partner and so, of course, I had to put my whole trip on there too and plan out the action steps and deadlines.

4. Networking
When I add people as my friends, I generally add a message only if I don't know them. So if I've exchanged a lot of email with someone, I don't add a personal message unless I want to comment on their profile, like "great pic" or "didn't know you lived in ________".

However, if they don't know me but I know of them (either through reading their newsletter/ blog/ listening to a teleclass/ etc.), I write a note and tell them how I know them. It just helps you feel like less of an internet stalker :)

5. Marketing my business
I've added applications that link to my organising blog, fleshed out my profile to display all my websites, and just recently started writing on other people's walls with my full name and website URL.

I still haven't figured out how to send a message to all my friends at the same time so if someone can help with that, I'd love to know.

So how are you using Facebook these days? If not, go create your free profile and add me to your friends.

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(Something that really "chaps my hide" as Suzanne says :) is all the people slapping one another, and so on! Until I learnt that I could disable all those notifications and just delete those things in batch - I LOVE that functionality!)


Janet Barclay said...

Marcia, I'm so glad I came upon this as I didn't know about the "On Track" application! I will definitely have to look into that one.

Debbie Jordan Kravitz (Virtually Organized) said...

I hadn't heard about the "On Track" application either. It could be a great addition to my blog's monthly Procrastination Challenge ( . . . a way to keep our goals on track day to day and have more regular accountability. Thanks for for the info!