March 09, 2008

Goals for the week - 10 March

I had a good week last week although am a bit frustrated at how long it's taking before the new website is up! I'm being as quick as I can with any queries so that I'm not the one holding things up.

Getting the new website up has been on my list for the last 2 or 3 weeks so I'm going to pretend it's not on my list anymore ;)

My own coaching session last week was just great - I'm going to be changing some things in my business over the next few months and am excited about all the changes.

So what do I have planned for this week?
  1. Hold free Skypecast on goal-setting - I also found a way to record it so if all works out, I'll have an MP3 download soon for my mailing list. Get your handout and the details here.
  2. Change 10 article URLs
  3. Advertise Skypecast on all blog posts, in weekly ezine and in forums I participate ;)
  4. Contact 3 people about speaking at their events - carried over from last week
  5. Submit posts to blog carnivals

What do you have on your goals for the week list?

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P.S. Will I "see" you on the Skypecast? My handout has ALL the details and notes for you to follow along. Get it here.

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Sarah Lewis said...

I'm just jumping into this Monday Motivation thing. :) I've posted mine on my blog. Good luck with the promotion!