March 15, 2008

Compromising in a relationship

Dion and I were talking about this morning and I told him I'm blogging it because I want to find out if we're the only ones who do this.

First, some background...

We are going to the UK in less than two months' time - England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, in that order. If you didn't already know, we're meeting up with Suzanne in Scotland and I am just giddy with excitement!

Dion likes beach holidays where you do lots of nothing and eat a lot. And if there aren't too many people, all the better :)

I like big city holidays with lots of buzz, people everywhere, buildings, energy, excitement. And city tours. Oh my word - I LOVE those city tours. I think it's because I can get a lot crossed off my to-do list while I meet other people and chat!

In second place, he likes looking at tourist attractions - old buildings, etc. I don't. In fact, I REALLY don't. I hate looking at old churches, museums, etc.

But I do love beautiful countryside, lakes, rivers, water, etc. And I love the cold - I get really happy the closer we get to winter :)

So we compromise...

One holiday is "mine" and the next is "his". Of course, the other person has to also want to visit the place!

Australia and Singapore was "my" type of holiday - big cities, I didn't want to leave Sydney!!!

And of course, Thailand was "his" choice. I nearly died from all that heat but loved the food.

So this UK trip is mainly "my" holiday with some history, museums and stuff thrown in for Dion in England :)

We have friends - very good ones actually - but we've told them many times that we could never go on holiday with them. They like to do the backpacking thing and you will NEVER catch us in anything less than 3* because we do love our comfort. Speaking of which, it's getting colder here so I said to Dion, "I can't WAIT until we put on our electric blanket on the bed again" and he says, "there won't be any electric blankets in the UK". Oh dear!

Here's my question - do you do this compromising thing with holidays, or are we weird?

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Org Junkie said...

Hmmm, I can't remember. We haven't been able to afford a holiday together in about 10 years. Yikes!

Jennie said...

We, too, are like you and Dion. We usually try to find a location that can meet both our needs. Then for part of a day we do the relaxing I like to do, then the other part of the day we do the "doing" that my husband enjoys.

Suzanne said...

You do realize that I am going to have so much with Dion and all of the old castles, jails, and churches in Stirling, right?! he he he I still like the idea of the detective search thingy.

:) Can't wait until May!!!!!