March 21, 2008

3 quick ways to improve your nutrition

I need to lose a few kilos and I'd rather do it now than when we're in the heart of winter.

It usually happens that I've strayed from the basics and that's why I'm a bit heavier, so I'm getting back to basics.

Here are 5 quick ways to improve your nutrition, none of which will cost you a fortune buying special foods:

1. Drink 2 litres of water daily
The easiest way to do this is to have a glass with breakfast, lunch and supper, and one inbetween each of your meals, and one before breakfast with your vitamins.

Keep a 500ml bottle with you at all times and definitely while you're at the gym. When you're at work, fill a 1L jug in the morning and make sure you finish that before you leave the office.

Of course, because you're drinking such a lot of water, you don't have time to drink all the coffee and fizzy drinks you're used to drinking :)

2. Reduce your fat intake
Go from full-cream milk to low-fat, or better still, fat-free. Did you know that fat-free milk has the same calcium content as regular milk? That's right - check it out for yourself - it's just healthier.

Cooking with half the amount of oil you usually use and switch to extra virgin olive oil. By the way, it doesn't mean that just because olive oil is better for you, you can use a lot like Rachael Ray does. No!!!!!

3. Add legumes to your diet
Legumes are things like lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc. Legumes are a great source of low-fat protein.

Any time you'd use mince (ground beef), you can use lentils, like in a spaghetti bolognaise. You don't have to substitute outright - even just do half.

I sprinkle a handful of cooked legumes (whatever I have on hand) into stirfries and salads. They're also great in soups.

If you want some ideas for recipes, put lentils/ chickpeas/ kidney beans in the search button right at the top of my blog.

For me, these are the quickest, easiest ways to improve my nutrition. What are your favourite ways?

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Anonymous said...

my favorite is setting out cut up fresh vegetables and/or fruits BEFORE a meal, as I am prearing the meal. Especially if I have kids to dinner like my childrens friends. I find it amazing how much they will eat then, but never at the meal. It helps break the ice with newer kids, plus takes the edge off of hunger (mine especially)!