March 30, 2008

New website, fitness update and new goals

Hello everybody

I am so pleased with my new, gorgeous website. I invite you all to come over to my new home and visit online for a few minutes.

Just click the picture above to go there :)

I've been walking a little bit every day to get fitter for the UK trip and I've already lost 0.5kg with only 35 minutes walking (I told you it was a little bit) total.

I only managed 5 minutes on Tuesday, Wednesday went to Salsa Dancing, 15 minutes on Thursday and Friday.

Goals for the week
This week I intend to walk 20 minutes on Tues, Thurs and Fri.
  1. Record audio for new combo-product
  2. Finish an ebook and write the review
  3. Write sales page for my new teleseminar on 15 April
  4. Do goals for the month
  5. Contact 5 clients to check in on them :)

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March 27, 2008

Obstacles to starting your own business (and how you can overcome them)

Many people dream of owning their own business one day.

Some people actually take action in one form or another and get going. Others however, often feel stuck, and battle to get unstuck and get going.

These are the 3 main obstacles I've come across in my coaching:

1. Indecision
Most people know they want something different from their life but they don't know what. Or they're overwhelmed with choice.

Let's face it - the internet age has opened all of us to SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. E.g. tonight I have session 2 of my How to become a professional organiser group coaching programme and I'll be sitting in my study in Johannesburg and speaking to women all over the world. I get a real kick out of that.

Get really, really clear on what you want to do and who you want to work with before you even THINK about starting up.

2. Time
This is actually the biggest obstacle - "I don't have time"

Rubbish! You have to make the time. That means choosing to write up your business goals over vegging in front of the TV ;)

If your goal is big enough and exciting enough, then you'll make and find the time.

If you need help with your time (both big picture and the nitty gritty stuff), then check out Help! I need more time.

3. Money
You don't have to go ALL OUT when you start.

If your dream is to own your photography business, then keep your day job and start out by doing a course or two. Then buy a better camera.

Start taking pictures of your friends' kids (birthday parties, portraits, etc.) and build up a following who will pay you.

Post your pictures on a free blog first before transitioning to a website. And so on!

If you're currently stuck in corporate life, then check out Pamela Slim's blog, Escape from cubicle nation.

Are you facing any or all of these obstacles? How are you overcoming them?

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March 25, 2008

Itchy bum syndrome

Does anyone else suffer from itchy bum syndrome?

Stop laughing - I'm serious :)

Apparently I have terrible circulation so when I walk just a little bit, my bum and thighs start itching terribly! That's only when I'm not fit (like I currently am).

So when Suzanne mentioned that she needed to get in shape for all the walking we'll be doing on our upcoming holiday in the UK, I remembered my IBS and got seriously worried.

I then decided that from today I would walk 10 minutes a day (to start off with) and increase it until I was comfortably walking A LOT without the itchiness.

Well. I didn't even manage 5 minutes before the itchiness started but I forced myself to walk a full 5 minutes this evening. And another 5 minutes at lunch time. When I got back, i did some leg exercises to compensate.

So the torture continues...I am determined to follow this through, rain or shine!

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March 21, 2008

3 quick ways to improve your nutrition

I need to lose a few kilos and I'd rather do it now than when we're in the heart of winter.

It usually happens that I've strayed from the basics and that's why I'm a bit heavier, so I'm getting back to basics.

Here are 5 quick ways to improve your nutrition, none of which will cost you a fortune buying special foods:

1. Drink 2 litres of water daily
The easiest way to do this is to have a glass with breakfast, lunch and supper, and one inbetween each of your meals, and one before breakfast with your vitamins.

Keep a 500ml bottle with you at all times and definitely while you're at the gym. When you're at work, fill a 1L jug in the morning and make sure you finish that before you leave the office.

Of course, because you're drinking such a lot of water, you don't have time to drink all the coffee and fizzy drinks you're used to drinking :)

2. Reduce your fat intake
Go from full-cream milk to low-fat, or better still, fat-free. Did you know that fat-free milk has the same calcium content as regular milk? That's right - check it out for yourself - it's just healthier.

Cooking with half the amount of oil you usually use and switch to extra virgin olive oil. By the way, it doesn't mean that just because olive oil is better for you, you can use a lot like Rachael Ray does. No!!!!!

3. Add legumes to your diet
Legumes are things like lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, etc. Legumes are a great source of low-fat protein.

Any time you'd use mince (ground beef), you can use lentils, like in a spaghetti bolognaise. You don't have to substitute outright - even just do half.

I sprinkle a handful of cooked legumes (whatever I have on hand) into stirfries and salads. They're also great in soups.

If you want some ideas for recipes, put lentils/ chickpeas/ kidney beans in the search button right at the top of my blog.

For me, these are the quickest, easiest ways to improve my nutrition. What are your favourite ways?

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March 16, 2008

Goals for the week - 17 March 2008

Well, the skypecast last week was wild - 91 participants on the call.

I decided to do a closed call in a few weeks with just a few people so that I can record a nice clean call and offer it as a bonus for my How to set and achieve your goals e-book.

What do you think of that idea?

Anyway, so here are my goals for the week:

  1. Promote my how to become a Professional Organiser group coaching programme
  2. Change 10 article URLs
  3. Get website up (we are 70% there)
  4. Submit to blog carnivals
  5. Write 2 extra blog posts for May
  6. Investigate virtual assistants to do my email

What do you have planned this week?

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March 15, 2008

Compromising in a relationship

Dion and I were talking about this morning and I told him I'm blogging it because I want to find out if we're the only ones who do this.

First, some background...

We are going to the UK in less than two months' time - England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, in that order. If you didn't already know, we're meeting up with Suzanne in Scotland and I am just giddy with excitement!

Dion likes beach holidays where you do lots of nothing and eat a lot. And if there aren't too many people, all the better :)

I like big city holidays with lots of buzz, people everywhere, buildings, energy, excitement. And city tours. Oh my word - I LOVE those city tours. I think it's because I can get a lot crossed off my to-do list while I meet other people and chat!

In second place, he likes looking at tourist attractions - old buildings, etc. I don't. In fact, I REALLY don't. I hate looking at old churches, museums, etc.

But I do love beautiful countryside, lakes, rivers, water, etc. And I love the cold - I get really happy the closer we get to winter :)

So we compromise...

One holiday is "mine" and the next is "his". Of course, the other person has to also want to visit the place!

Australia and Singapore was "my" type of holiday - big cities, I didn't want to leave Sydney!!!

And of course, Thailand was "his" choice. I nearly died from all that heat but loved the food.

So this UK trip is mainly "my" holiday with some history, museums and stuff thrown in for Dion in England :)

We have friends - very good ones actually - but we've told them many times that we could never go on holiday with them. They like to do the backpacking thing and you will NEVER catch us in anything less than 3* because we do love our comfort. Speaking of which, it's getting colder here so I said to Dion, "I can't WAIT until we put on our electric blanket on the bed again" and he says, "there won't be any electric blankets in the UK". Oh dear!

Here's my question - do you do this compromising thing with holidays, or are we weird?

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P.S. Do you want an awesome relationship? Check out this MP3 and workbook combo.

March 12, 2008

3 steps to confident decisions

Some people procrastinate because they're scared they'll make the wrong decision.

So they do nothing at all.

Sound familiar?

I've been told by some people that I make decisions too quickly. Honestly, I feel like, "so what if it's wrong?" 99,9% of things are easily fixable and at least I ensure I'm always taking some sort of action.

Here are some things to tell yourself so you can make confident decisions in business and life:

1. ANY action is better than inaction

God can only direct you if you're on the open seas ;) not when you're stationed at the harbour

2. If you make a wrong decision, you can always fix it.
Clients often say to me, "I don't know if I should take this job" What if I'm making a mistake?

Well, if generally the pros outweigh the cons, then what's the worse that can happen? You discover you made a big mistake. All you do is get the papers and start looking again. So you had a 2 - 3 month detour in your career? At least you're stepping out and taking some risks.

3. Practice makes perfect.
The more you're comfortable with decision-making, the more comfortable you get.

You'll get to know a stupid risk vs a calculated risk and over time, start making better judgements.

Trust your instincts. Often you do know what you have to do and you're just looking for someone to confirm it for you.

Successful people are those who can make decisions and take action.

Choose to be successful today :)

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This works for me. What's working for you?

March 09, 2008

Goals for the week - 10 March

I had a good week last week although am a bit frustrated at how long it's taking before the new website is up! I'm being as quick as I can with any queries so that I'm not the one holding things up.

Getting the new website up has been on my list for the last 2 or 3 weeks so I'm going to pretend it's not on my list anymore ;)

My own coaching session last week was just great - I'm going to be changing some things in my business over the next few months and am excited about all the changes.

So what do I have planned for this week?
  1. Hold free Skypecast on goal-setting - I also found a way to record it so if all works out, I'll have an MP3 download soon for my mailing list. Get your handout and the details here.
  2. Change 10 article URLs
  3. Advertise Skypecast on all blog posts, in weekly ezine and in forums I participate ;)
  4. Contact 3 people about speaking at their events - carried over from last week
  5. Submit posts to blog carnivals

What do you have on your goals for the week list?

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P.S. Will I "see" you on the Skypecast? My handout has ALL the details and notes for you to follow along. Get it here.

March 06, 2008

How are you using Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site in case you're one of the few people on the planet who hasn't yet heard about it.

I actually got introduced to FB through a coaching client and my profile lay dormant until someone I'd met at a networking event added me to her friends. And so it grew :)

How am I using Facebook?

1. To find old friends from school and university
This is such great fun. I like to think I look the same ;) but I know I'm definitely 10 kg heavier (!).

2. Introducing people to one another
I've found FB to be a GREAT place to mingle. I am good at this in real life - I often think, "oh, you should meet so-and-so" and I hook people up so I LOVE that I can now do it on Facebook too!

3. Keep track of my goals
The one application I love is On track. Suzanne and I will be meeting up in Scotland so she set that as a goal, invited me to be her accountability partner and so, of course, I had to put my whole trip on there too and plan out the action steps and deadlines.

4. Networking
When I add people as my friends, I generally add a message only if I don't know them. So if I've exchanged a lot of email with someone, I don't add a personal message unless I want to comment on their profile, like "great pic" or "didn't know you lived in ________".

However, if they don't know me but I know of them (either through reading their newsletter/ blog/ listening to a teleclass/ etc.), I write a note and tell them how I know them. It just helps you feel like less of an internet stalker :)

5. Marketing my business
I've added applications that link to my organising blog, fleshed out my profile to display all my websites, and just recently started writing on other people's walls with my full name and website URL.

I still haven't figured out how to send a message to all my friends at the same time so if someone can help with that, I'd love to know.

So how are you using Facebook these days? If not, go create your free profile and add me to your friends.

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(Something that really "chaps my hide" as Suzanne says :) is all the people slapping one another, and so on! Until I learnt that I could disable all those notifications and just delete those things in batch - I LOVE that functionality!)

March 05, 2008

Overwhelmed - how do you cope?

Last week I had a really, really hectic Monday - blood tests in the morning, very full, busy day at work and a plan straight after work until late.

I actually considered not even going out even though I'd been looking forward to seeing my friends for nearly 2 months.

I felt totally overwhelmed and it felt like I had a huge pile on my plate (like the picture above).

So this is what I did:
  1. I decided to go out even though I felt like I should be working to try and catch up. Had a great evening and totally forgot about all my "problems".

  2. I printed out 10 of my master to do lists and used one page for each of my projects.

  3. I wrote down every single little thing I had to do - phone x, send email to y, check z on website, etc, etc. Somehow seeing it all and getting it out of my head freed me.

  4. The next day I had another blood test so had another short day. But this time, armed with my lists, I just focussed and ploughed through those lists.

  5. I actually finished all those tasks in about 3 hours ;) and was on track again.

So you see even a time management coach also goes through periods of overwhelm and craziness :)

How do you cope with overwhelm?

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March 03, 2008

Motivation Monday - 3 March 2008

Last week's goals went great for me - how about you?

I got everything except the 2nd sales letter done and to be honest, I'm not in the mood for that right now so I'm leaving it on the back burner for a few weeks. Or delegating it - haven't decided yet ;)

I've had another URL on my articles for the first two months of this year as a test to check traffic to my website. It's worked in terms of traffic but sales have been down so this week, I need to switch it all back. And I have 30 articles - eek!

This week's goals
  1. Get new website up
  2. Write newsletter
  3. Change 10 article URLs
  4. Prepare for laser coaching session (I work with a coach to grow my business through speaking)
  5. Advertise next week's Skypecast
  6. Decide on new coaching packages
  7. Contact 3 people about speaking at their events
Nice, meaty goals for me!

Join in by commenting at WAHwebmommy and make yourself accountable on your blog!
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