February 07, 2008

You ARE worth it!

You know how I love notebooks, right?

I used to write in just any notebook before until I found these beauties...

They're about 10 times what I normally pay for a notebook but they were just SO gorgeous - I couldn't resist.

But you know what was weird? Actually putting pen to this lovely, smooth, thick paper.

I felt like I needed to have something worthy to write in there. Perfectionism rearing its ugly head.

And then I realised - I do. Whether it's a new idea for a coaching programme or just a things to do list, it deserves to be in a gorgeous book.


Because they're my ideas. And even though all my ideas might not be great, they are still worth writing down in a beautiful place.

Once you start, you get used to using nice things very quickly. I hardly broke a sweat when I started my 2nd gorgeous notebook this year. I chose one to match my gorgeous planner ;)

The other weekend Dion finished his church notebook. So he asks me, "do you have a notebook I can use?" Of course this is the HOUSE OF NOTEBOOKS so I have stacks (after seeing the selection, he told me I have a sickness ;)) None of them was quite right so I said (about the blue one in the picture), "what about this one?"

And he went through the exact same feelings I'd been through!

  • how can I write in something so nice?
  • I feel like I need to write something more substantial in it.
  • and so on...

So I told him, your thoughts are worth writing down and this weekend, he broke in that beauty!

Your coaching questions
  1. Do you value yourself?
  2. Do you find yourself thinking you don't deserve to use nice things?
  3. Which ONE thing can you start doing today to treat yourself better?
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