February 09, 2008

What would you do if you had 12 months to live?

The Boardwalk, Port Elizabeth

Jen Ballantyne has stage 4 colon cancer and has been told that she has only a very short time to live. She asked a question on her blog - what would you do if you knew you only had 12 months to live?

Meg Casey wrote a response post on her blog here. Get your tissues ready - it is a beautiful, beautiful post!

If I had only 12 months to live, I would
  1. resign the very next day and then make Dion resign ;)

  2. buy tickets to New York (that is the ONE place that captures my heart)

  3. travel more

  4. go to the hairdresser every week

  5. not worry about my non-flat tummy after the op

  6. only watch movies that make me laugh

  7. phone my family more

  8. use all my "good stuff" - plates, mugs and so on...

  9. listen to soppy music and sing along at the top of my voice - oh wait, I already do this :)

  10. take time to really connect with people

What would you do? (this might also be a good time to make a life list)

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Meg Casey said...

Thanks Marcia for posting your list! We all should use the good china, laugh, connect and sing loudly everyday.