February 28, 2008

Serving in your passion

Remember my last post on a quick way to find your passion?

I loved reading your answers!

I also thought I'd clarify just one thing. Usually your passion is expressed WHILE you are helping others.

Mindi mentioned that she'd travel the world while taking photos ;) Mindi happens to be a very talented photographer so I know they'd be gorgeous photos!

BTW, Mindi, sorry to pick on you, but you were the first commenter :) and I feel like doing some quick spot coaching...

Now, if she shared those photos with others and used them to inspire creativity (as she already does with me through her blog) or bring beauty to others, she'd be helping people in that way.

See? Easy!

Now over to you --->>

How would YOU most like to help people?

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P.S. I would most like to help people by inspiring them to action so they can reach their goals. And of course, I do this through coaching, speaking and writing :)

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annie said...

I would love to finish my degree in marriage and family counseling and help families stay together. I would also love to have a ministry in the hospital...to take necessities like healthy snacks, change, and blankets to people who have children in the critical care unit... We had so many help us but not everyone has such a support system!