February 18, 2008

Monday Motivation - goals for week 18 Feb 08

While blog-surfing last week, I came across this Monday Motivation thing over at WAHwebmommy. Since I LOVE goals and goal-setting and I live this stuff, I decided to join for the week and post my goals for extra accountability:

So here goes - my goals for the week:

1. Finalise handout for my talk on Saturday - it's on goalsetting and time management - done
2. Get products printed for back-of-room sales - done
3. Finalise 6 sections of new coaching programme - done
4. Submit article to ezine articles. - done
5. Redo sales page for 7 easy steps to organise your office
6. Write sales page for new ebook - yayy!

What are YOUR goals for the week?

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annie said...

I need to clean out my closet... all the usual!

Hope you have a great week!

Marcia said...

Okay, Annie - I'm with you in spirit!

The talk's been postponed yet I'm all prepared so pray with me for another group to talk to in the next 10 days so I don't waste last night's 3 hours of prep :)