February 02, 2008

Bought on a beachfront in PE

A reader from my newsletter reminded me that I forgot to post the paintings I bought in PE - thanks for keeping me authentic. I love it!!!

On the beachfront in Port Elizabeth, there were about 3 different guys painting things like this. I liked this guy's style and more than that, his demeanor. Here in Johannesburg, everyone is so pushy and this PE guy was like, "whatever you want to do is cool with me". Shame - how sweet!

We paid R25 for each of those. R50 is about $7. And then I bought those frames at my beloved Pick & Pay for R59,99 each (they are now R79,99 each - yessss, I love it when I get things at a good price), which is $17 for the two frames.

I thought it was a great deal!

I still haven't decided where I want them but you'll be glad to know they are no longer on my sideboard - I just did that for the photo.
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Ali, if you're reading - I'm sure they do things like this in Mozambique. What would you pay there?

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