February 16, 2008

Being passionate about your work

Yesterday, I had a client phone and ask me about my organising services. She has a home office and needed help getting all the paper and filing organised.

After a couple of minutes, she said to me, "are you passionate about this kind of work?"

I love paper organising and home offices, so I said, "YES, I actually am. That is my favourite type of organising."

And we laughed.

So today I was at her house and she said, "do you remember I asked you if you were passionate about your work?" After I said yes (this is the first client who has asked me something like that so of course I remembered ;)), she said this...

"I resolved this year to only work with people who are passionate about what they're doing".

WOW! Isn't that powerful?

I happen to agree with her because a passionate person brings a lot more energy and enthusiasm to your interaction - let's face it, passion is inspiring and you just want to catch it!

Are you passionate about your work? How can you get more passion into your life?
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Marcia said...

Hmmm :)