February 14, 2008

3 easy steps to make time for your passion

I really believe that each of us has been put on this earth to do a specific purpose. That purpose is expressed as your passion.

So why should you find out your passion?

Honestly, because without it, life can be rather boring and very drab. When you live life with passion, you start experiencing life in Technicolour!

But how do you create time to express your passion?

1. Make it a priority
The first step is to recognize that your passion is important and make it a priority in your life. That means you have dedicated time in your schedule each and every week to indulge your passion.
For example, if you passion is to bring joy to underprivileged kids, then it’s a good idea to volunteer regular time at a children’s orphanage every week.

2. Learn to say no
When you say YES to your passion, you’re going to have to say no to other less important things. Have a look at all your current commitments and ask yourself why you’re doing those things.

Maybe you’re serving on a committee for the wrong reasons like guilt, peer pressure, or wanting to be the “dependable one”.

3. Set clear boundaries
One of the dangers when you’re involved in doing something you love is that you can get completely absorbed by it.

However, you must remember that you still need to live a life in balance.

Keep checking in and asking yourself:
* Am I doing what I truly love to do, or am I being sucked in by the “small stuff”?
* Is this what I signed up for? Sometimes you get involved for one reason and before you know it, things have turned around.

Your coaching challenge
(a) Eliminate at least one commitment that you’re no longer excited about.
(b) Make a call/ send an email/ go see someone about doing something on a consistent basis to express your passion.

For accountability, leave a note in the comments telling me what you’re going to do!

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P.S. I wrote this article for Katherine Reschke's blog, Passions that pay, earlier this week.

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