January 15, 2008

Why good girls don't get ahead and gutsy girls do

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This is the most fabulous business book I’ve read in years! And also my quickest non-fiction read in YEARS!

Honestly, I just picked it up at the library on an impulse because the title grabbed me. Isn’t it a great title?

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Although I have a very sassy streak, I found I have many “good girl” tendencies although a fair bit of office policitics over the years definitely helped me wise up – and quickly too!

One of my highest values is fairness and actually, the sooner you realise that life isn’t fair, the more content you’ll be. Not going around like me muttering to myself that life isn’t fair and other such things ;)

I thought because this book was written ages ago (1995) most of the information would be outdated but the opposite is true – everything is still very relevant. I resonated throughout the whole book and loved it.

So this year, one of my goals is to be more gutsy.

I’m already quite good at breaking rules and being singularly focussed. You guys know I have no problems setting boundaries ;) I’m thick-skinned and don’t mind if people don’t like me.

I’m going to take more risks, speak up more and ask for what I want, face trouble head-on, trust my instincts more, and walk and talk like a winner (getting my professional headshots was already on my goals list for this year).

How can you be more gutsy this year (in your business and life)?

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