January 19, 2008

What is your core brilliance?

I really suck at detailed work with lots of action steps. I hate it. It feels tedious, repetitive and like a total waste of time.

(that's why if I know I'm going to be doing something more than once, I write out the steps and make a checklist so I never have to remember that stuff again)

So when people think I'm brilliant at doing something, chances are I have a well-oiled system in the background :)

Hey, I'm a time management coach - it's my job to do something once and have it work for me over and over again :)

I'd like to introduce you to Angela, one of the key components of my well-oiled system.

Angela is my virtual assistant who submits my gazillion articles (okay, 25 to date :)) to all the article directories.

I write the article, email it to Ang and she works her magic and sends me my trusty spreadsheet, all updated with the URLs.

I do this so that I can focus on my unique brilliance and not spend unnecessary time on the stuff I hate doing.

Are you spending time on things you really shouldn't be doing?

I remember one of my very first coaching clients who insisted that he had to wash his own car every weekend. I asked him if his time couldn't be better spent building his business, thinking up and implementing new ideas.

He wasn't convinced but I asked him to just "humour me" and try it once.

So off he went to a car wash, took a notebook and a book to help him build his business with him. He spent a lovely 30 minutes learning and thinking about good
business ideas and THEN only was he convinced :)

Today, he definitely prefers to build his business rather than wash his own car!

By the way, Ang and I have a sweet deal going - we exchange virtual assistance for coaching. I got this cool idea from Pamela Slim. Ang tracks the time she works for me and when she reaches x, I coach her on her own business for an hour. Win-win
What are you spending time on that you shouldn't be doing at all?

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Ariane Benefit said...

Brilliant! I've been working with a VA for the last month...it's awesome! : )

P.S. I've been trying to email you the file we are working on but my email keeps coming back undeliverable....help! : )

Marcia said...

Ariane, that IS awesome!

And isn't it freeing?!