January 12, 2008

Thank-you notes - are they a lost art?

the cards on the left are from our wedding nearly 13 years ago!

I love sending thank-you notes.

I always have some available and when we were in Malaysia and I saw the cute thank-you pad in the picture, I snapped it up. It's the size of a medium post-it pad but not sticky.

I use the little pad for small things on colleagues' desks like "thanks again for helping me" etc, etc. And if I'm feeling really grateful, I'll even add a chocolate :)

[Remember I kick butt in my job - seriously :) - I am a relationship and operations manager so I have to get lots of people to do stuff for me and many times I have to make them do miracles for my corporate clients so I am very grateful when it all comes together on time]

You should always do thank-you notes immediately otherwise you forget and then it becomes awkward. BUT even that's no excuse - write it down immediately and you can always send the card later.

Now that Christmas is over, use the back of Christmas cards (if the people haven't written on the back of the picture) to use as thank-you notes.

Do you send thank-you notes? Or even thank-you emails? I would love to know!

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annie said...

Hey Marcia.
I insist the kids write ty notes quickly when they receive gifts. I think they need to know that people don't have to give them things and they should always show gratitude.
blessings to you!

Jen said...

I used to be so great at Thank You notes. I admit handwritten notes from me are the exception, but when I can't thank people in person, I always call or at the very least send an email.

This past Christmas I tried to set the good example for my children and we did crank out some old fashioned TY notes though.

Rae said...

I try to send thank you notes of some type as quickly as possible, whether they be homemade or some pack of the same card I picked up at the store for when I have no time. My twin & I used to sit down once a month and make up a bunch of different types of cards and I've completely run out of thank you cards, so THANK YOU for the reminder that I need to make some more soon!

Of course, I do the email thank you's to some close family members sometimes during a busy work week, although I feel it's a slight bit "informal"....at least it's still a thank you, right? =)

Kids Special Needs said...

I send thank you notes, but I think it's a lost art. ;o(

I send out dozens of thank you notes a year. I get maybe one or two in my mailbox from others.

Devin said...

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