January 10, 2008

How to become a professional organiser

Something amazing happened in November last year.

A reader contacted me with some questions on how to become a professional organiser.

We exchanged some emails and when I realized she was based in Port Elizabeth, I suggested a laser coaching session since we were going to be there in just a few weeks.

Well, Rae and I met for our session in PE and it was fabulous. I always have lots of ideas so these sessions are really creative and inspiring. Rae is such a compassionate, caring person and is a great listener!

And here's what Rae sent me in an email afterwards:

I was stuck in a lifestyle rut with my world "just ticking over". I needed a new challenge but hadn't been doing anything to make it happen.

Then I contacted you, Marcia, and everything changed. What a vibrant and enthusiastic person you are. You encouraged me to become a professional organiser and even gave me a contact.

I now believe that 2008 will be my year and that it is never too late "to make things happen".

To a very special person, thank you so much, you have given me back my confidence.

Rae Bradbury

Professional Organiser

If you're thinking about becoming a professional organiser, this is your year too.

I "fell into" this quite by accident (helping out a friend) but I found that this supported my coaching business very nicely, especially since I'd always coached on time management, goal-setting and other such topics.

You can either book some coaching with me (I have a 27-page workbook which I throw in free - oh, probably a R150 value) or buy Tracey's 3-DVD set. Remember I only endorse products which I've personally used; this is GREAT product and if memory serves me correctly, I gave Tracey a testimonial for it too ;)

If you're not sure, then book an intro session with me and we can take it from there.

Here is another testimonial...from another PO I helped for 3 months late last year

WOW I loved being held accountable and as a result got so much more done. Taking my goals and breaking them down into bite sized pieces was super, having your creativity to bounce ideas off of, was phenomenal. I enjoyed our relaxed phone chats, and in no way did you make me feel as though I’d failed. In fact your encouragement that poured through was soul refreshing and spurred me on to greater things. Thanx Marcia for your input into my life, I felt as though we connected well and I appreciated your sensitivity and encouragement in my life.


Debbie Herholdt
Sunshine Organizer (her website was one of the goals she accomplished while working with me)

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P.S. if you're in Port Elizabeth and you need organising help, tell me and I'll hook you up with Rae ;)


annie said...

How cool is that? Coming to Oklahoma any time soon?

Marcia said...

For you, Annie, anytime :)