January 08, 2008

Looking back (just quickly) over 2007

Suzanne wrote about her year’s highlights in her latest Let's Talk Organizing newsletter. Beth also wrote a Celebrating 2007 post here. I enjoyed reading them both so much I thought I should do the same.

It’s good to chronicle where you’ve come from especially if you’re someone like me who is always onto the next challenge.

  1. My business income increased by 177% (gosh, I’d love it if that were overall :))
  2. My mailing list subscribers increased by 700% - I’m very pleased about this
  3. Wrote 3 new e-courses, the latest one being Organise your Home
  4. Wrote 9 new downloadable products, with my newest one, 7 easy steps to organise your office, being my best seller EVER!
  5. Wrote 230 posts on the Organising Queen blog and 190 posts on the Take Charge blog. Interestingly enough, at the end of 2007, had published 253 posts to the one and 254 posts to the other. Cool, hey?
  6. Started writing for Clutter Control Freak, which I am loving --->>
  7. Spoke to my biggest group (for money) of 150 people because speaking to my high school as SRC chairman doesn’t count!
  8. Worked one-on-one with 17 wonderful coaching and organising clients

What do you want to highlight from last year?
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ClutterControlFreak said...

I'm so glad you love writing for us, Marcia - we sure love what you write!!

Thanks again!