January 31, 2008

how to set yourself up for a healthy week

Weigh-Less is a weight management system, I think that's what they call it, but it really is more than that - it's a lifestyle.

I lost about 5,5 kg before we went to Thailand in October 2006 and have only put on 1,5 of that weight in the 15 months since then, through months of inactivity. I would now like to lose that 1,5 plus another 1.5, just so I look a bit better in my pants :)

The tiny weight gain shows me that I've learnt to eat correctly, that I choose well when we do eat out and that in most cases, I prefer the healthier choice.

Today I had a cup of tomato soup, rye toast and chunky, fat-free cottage cheese for lunch. Yum!!! That might seem boring to you but is one of my favourite lunches.

So how do I set myself up (and I choose these words quite intentionally) for a healthy week?

1. on the weekend, I prepare all my breakfasts as in the collage photo above. Those are raisins at the bottom and I alternate two kinds of cereal (the All-bran flakes are healthier so you're allowed more)
2. I do the same with my breads in plastic containers, and freeze those until the night before.
3. I also make sure we have enough fruit and vegetables for the week.
4. every evening while I cook or defrost supper, I pack my lunch bag with breakfast, lunch and snacks. I then put it in the fridge and in the mornings, I just walk through the kitchen, grab the bag and I'm out the door to work.

Easy, isn't it?

You can see it all comes down to planning well.

What can you do to set yourself up for a healthier week?

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