January 01, 2008

5 things you must do to have more time

Happy New Year and welcome to 2008.

At this time of year, I'm always busy working on my goals.

If you look up the word goals in the dictionary, chances are my picture's there :) I joke, but only just! Those who know me in real life will tell you how my eyes light up when someone just mentions the word goals :)

Well, one of the most common goals my clients tell me about is that they want more time.

Even if that's not one of your main goals, I know that putting just one of this week's tips into practice will save you hours each week:

1. Learn to say no.
What do you have to say no to so that you can say yes to your goals next year? Saying no helps you set strong boundaries.

[If you have the self-confidence handbook or the Simplify your Life e-course, please revisit the section on boundaries]

2. Play to your strengths
With everything in life, I believe you should play to your strengths. You'll never find me cooking a complicated meal because I know I excel at the Quick and Easy and I play to my strengths in the kitchen :)

If you're terrible at cleaning your house, hire a cleaning lady. If you're not great at speaking to crowds, do small workshops. Know your learning style so you can organise according to your personality.

3. Learn to prioritise
When you know how to prioritise, even if you only get one or two things done daily, they will always be the right things and not just busy work.

I don't stress if I have days where it feels like I did hardly anything. 90% of the time, I did the things that matter and that's all that counts.

4. Set up systems
To quote Elizabeth Hagen "systems save you space, time, energy, money and stress".

Meal planning is a system for organising and preparing meals. Regular computer back-up is another system to keep your computer running smoothly.

What kinds of systems can you put in place?

5. Work smarter
Group tasks so that you only do preparation ONCE. Make your client calls all at the same time. You'll be on a roll, get through them a lot faster and save energy because you don't have to get into phone mode more than once.

Make your work do double duty. If you type a certain type of email often, make an auto text entry and save the template. If you write a comment on a blog, expand that same comment and write a blog post of your own. And so on...

Have an organised week!

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Which other clever tips do you have?


annie said...

Thanks for your constant stream of useful tips and information Marcia!
Happy New Years Day, I pray it brings many blessings your way.

Playful Professional said...

I love these tips. I'm definitely gonna have to try some... stay with my strengths while at the same time pushing myself to improve my weaknesses into strengths. So maybe a 2 course meal instead of one haha.