January 03, 2008

25 things I never get tired of

Have you seen this post on Jen Lemen’s blog?

Since I read about the 25 things there, I've also read it on 2 other blogs I follow, so I’m playing along :)

25 things I never get tired of, in no particular order

1. rain (it’s raining here as I type this and I am LOVING it)
2. gorgeous grey skies
3. children’s laughter
4. reading in bed
5. a lovely cold glass of water
6. Cadbury’s chocolate
7. taking photos of food
8. inspiring confidence in people ;)
9. the smell of bookshops
10. buying notebooks
11. walking on grass, barefoot
12. garlic and garlic bread
13. the beach
14. watching people at the airport
15. ice-cold weather
16. soppy love songs
17. the smell of coffee
18. hugging and kissing Dion
19. anything with apple and/ or cinnamon
20. laughing
21. hearing “I love you”
22. walking into an uncluttered, organised room 
23. feeling a gorgeous texture on a handbag or wallet
24. creamy pasta
25. baking muffins

What do you never get tired of? If you do this on your blog, let me know in the comments

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Teri said...


mindi said...

this is a fun one :)
i'll do it in a day or two on my blog! (i would do it today, but you know i'm super obsessive about lists like this and don't think i could complete it in one day :-) )

annie said...

Great list Marcia!

Beth Dargis said...

Loved your list, Marcia. Here is mine:


Jen said...

This looks like a fun meme!

Thanks for visiting me today. You asked about the pictures-yes feel free to use them but please credit me with a link back to my site and to the original post.

Have a great day, and I hope to see you again in the blogosphere soon!

Org Junkie said...

I found my head nodding along as I read. Great list, this was fun!!