December 14, 2007

Perception & looking on the bright side

My husband emailed me to say someone at his work just resigned without having another job lined up.

[background - in South Africa, this is rare because our unemployment rates are so high. I don't have stats because I believe that employers all over South Africa would love to have me work for them and will pay me mega-bucks to do so. Hey - if I don't believe it, why should they?!]

So I sent him an email saying, "that's so brave of her".

I'd just clicked send when I realised that others could also think it's crazy of her!

It's all in perception, you see. That's why a negative situation can always have a bright side.

For me, I'm looking on the bright side with being booked off for FOUR WHOLE WEEKS to recover from the surgery. I have

  1. finished a new e-course
  2. am halfway through a new coaching programme
  3. emails are up to date
  4. I've read LOTS of books
  5. vegging with Oprah and Rachael Ray
  6. we're 90% ready for Christmas
  7. have done lots of website maintenance
  8. have lots of draft blog posts, ready to publish

How about you?

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Antonella said...

Hi Marcia
delurking here after a while of browsing..
I love your attitude of looking at the bright side of things. Right now I'm a bit stressed out at work but studying to become a coach, so I recharge my batteries by studying what I love.
Milan (Italy

annie said...

I always try to look at the positive too Marcia. Sometimes it feels like there is a lot of negative, but I usually can put a positive spin on it. I like positive thinkers. Negative thinkers are depressing :)
Merry Christmas!