November 30, 2007

Taking risks

Do you prefer taking risks or do you like security?

I am naturally someone who likes being secure about 80% of the time and there's really only a small part of me who likes taking risks.

But I do know it's good for me to step out of the box occasionally so now I do so much easier than before.

One of the biggest risks I ever took was putting myself out there by starting a newsletter. I never labelled myself a writer so I thought I had nothing to say. I've always been a talker though so eventually I just started writing as if I'm talking to one person. Yes, you :)

I wrote my first monthly newsletter in July 2002 on my favourite topic (goal-setting), sent it out to 20 of my friends and that's how the whole thing started!

And from just writing the monthly newsletter, I now write ebooks, ecourses, articles and blogs. All of which would never have happened if I hadn't taken a risk.

If you're also not a natural risk-taker like me, start small and build up.
  1. drive a different way home once a week
  2. speak to a stranger in the supermarket
  3. tell your hairdresser that no, you don't want that hair cut :)
  4. volunteer to do something difficult for you (like make a presentation)
  5. apply for a job just out of your reach
  6. ask to do a guest post on someone's blog (oops - that reminds me, I need to do a guest post!)
  7. be honest about what you want and don't want for the holidays

BTW, there's an e-book in my store that deals with this topic, your strengths, self-esteem, etc. in a lot more detail. It's called Who am I? - a guide to discovering yourself

Are you a natural risk-taker? What other things can you do to step out?
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