November 19, 2007

Portion control

I'm back at Weigh-Less which means I'm being careful about portion control again. Instead of using different dishes to keep mine and Dion's food separate, I sprinkled some italian herbs on my chips so that I know where my food ends and his starts.
I thought this was quite clever so thought I'd share :)
Also, I can't stop raving about Glad's baking paper - it is THE best thing since sliced bread!

Progress so far

  1. Week 1 - lost 0.8
  2. Week 2 - gained 0.6 (CT trip)
  3. Week 3 - lost 0.6

Net loss 0.8kg

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Coach J said...

Good for you! I've lost about 5 pounds, but because some parents of the b'ball girls are making me sick. So, I've decided to go with it. This Thursday is going to be hard, though, 'cause I love me some Thanksgiving food!! :)