November 23, 2007

How have you changed in 3 months?

This is the same tree.

The first picture was taken on 26 June, in the heart of winter, and the second picture was taken on 29 September, in spring.

Can you believe the only difference is 3 months?!

How have YOU changed in 3 months? Have the changes been for good?

For me, I have
  1. gotten back on the weight loss wagon :) and lost 2 kg!
  2. undergone surgery :(
  3. joined a VIP circle to accelerate my business progress :)
  4. signed up 5 new coaching and organising clients :)
  5. launched the beading business and sold 60 bookmarks (my goal is 100 for the year so if you need some Christmas gifts, please take advantage and buy some)
  6. started writing down my life list and started sorting out my pigmentation on my face :)
  7. spent more money on my skin in 3 months than I have in the last 3 years!
  8. developed my Signature Speech (how to manage your time and take back your life)
  9. taken a holiday and booked another :)
  10. figured out Skype!
  11. developed 2 new products - the Organise your Business system and my new e-book, 7 easy steps to organise your office
  12. made a Facebook profile and been a bad Facebook friend :)
So, how have YOU changed in 3 months?

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Suzanne said...

Just because you never talk to me on Facebook doesn't mean you are a bad friend. Sometimes, I feel it's more for the silly than the serious. If I get one more YouTube video posted on my FunWall I'm going to vomit. Although, my sexy Halloween costume was too cute...NEVER would I wear it, but it was cute. ;o)

Haley said...

Thanks for stopping by today! Neat photos of the tree BTW!

annie said...

Hey Marcia!
HOw are you? I've missed my bloggy time minus the laptop, and I've missed you!
I can't say I've changed much in the past three months... my hair is longer... but that's about it :o)!
♥ - annie