November 08, 2007

Great Christmas Gift Idea

I was blog-surfing and then I found this comment by Clemntine (yip, it's spelt like that)

Our kids get three gifts each on Christmas:

A "gold" gift which is a more costly item they desire. When the kids were really little, their "gold" gift was deposited directly into their savings account. They got a little shiny trinket wrapped in gold to open. As they've grown older, the "gold" gift has taken the form of jewelry, iPods, and more expensive supplies for their hobbies/future vocations (solid maple bench for the harp, high quality art supplies, telescope).

A "frankincense" gift to encourage their Spiritual growth. A picture Bible for the Toddler, cloth-bound journal and pen for the pre-teen. CD's of worship music, a book by a favorite Christian author, etc. This is wrapped in white paper.

A "myrrh" gift of something to "anoint" their bodies with. Bubbles and bath crayons for the little ones; cologne and other grooming articles for the older ones. This is wrapped in brown paper and tied with string or raffia.We've enjoyed this tradition for many years.

Here's a link to a better explanation:

When I found this comment, I got ever so excited and emailed Dion immediately. He is also super-excited so we're going to do gifts for each other like this for Christmas this year.

What do you do for Christmas gifts? Do you have a budget? Do you give to everybody? What about work colleagues?

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