October 03, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - best Christmas gift

It's backwards day at Shannon's blog.

Today, I get to ask you a question:

What are your best Christmas gifts to give and to get?

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Georgia Mom said...

I like personalized or unique gifts. Gifts that tell the person that you thought for more than 10 min. about what to purchase. I also like gift cards, for the right person. Teachers need gift cards! Thanks to web, there's a million great gift ideas out there!

mummymac said...

I have to say I love vouchers and gift cards too.

It's always better than something you just didn't want or need.

Even my kids prefer them now.

I Was Just Thinking.... said...

However much I hate to give them because they seem so impersonal - gift cards or cash. We live 2000 miles from family. If I purchase items the postage can sometimes cost as much as the present. Gift cards solve that.The older my kids get the more the appreciate this. And after (we give presents to the kids on St. Nicolas day and Epiphany, not Christmas) we can shop together.

Summer said...

Homemade gifts! There isn't anythign that can't be made. :)

purplepassion said...

Someone else asked about this too. I still give a lot of baked goods. Quick breads, muffins, cookies or any other specialty you have.

I have also made chocolate spoons to stir into coffee. Super cheap and very gourmety.

One year I gave new parents (neighbors) an old romantic movie (bought used @ blockbuster), a bowl for the popcorn and a bag of microwave popcorn and a jar of seasoning (bought at the $1 store) with a homemade coupon for babysitting.

They took me up on that right after Xmas! They needed a break.

Happy Momma said...

I do not like surprises (I am boring), I give list of "approved or needed" items and that is it. I know it sounds hidious, but I grew up with a mother who would buy RANDOM things for us and then throw a fit if we didn't like them or use them, therefore it created clutter, something I am not a fan of.

Give: I like to give things that people will want or use as well.