October 10, 2007

What goals and cooking have in common

If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll know that I’ve signed up for the 100-day Finish Strong Goals Challenge until the end of this year.

So I’m really into goals at the moment. Well, more so than I usually am :-)

I heard a great example linking goals and cooking.

When you follow a recipe, you have
1. specific ingredients (flour, eggs, milk, etc)
2. a sequence of events (first cream butter and sugar, then add flour)
3. a time line (bake for 25 minutes)
You know if you follow those directions perfectly, you are guaranteed success.

Goals are exactly the same.

If you add all the correct ingredients (setting SMART goals, writing it down, etc), follow the correct sequence of events (set the goals before making the plan) and set a deadline (by 31 Dec), you are guaranteed success.

When I talk on goals and goal-setting, I like to say, “the principles always work if you work the principles”.

And that’s exactly right!

What kind of success have you had with goal-getting? And which goals would you really like to achieve before the end of 2007?

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