October 08, 2007

Want me to speak to your group?

I mentioned last week (and for those of you who receive my weekly tips via email, in those emails too) that I signed up for the Goals Guy's 100-day Finish Strong Challenge and I am determined to reach ALL my goals this year (including the *cough* weight loss *cough* one).

As is usual with goal-setting (because I've been doing this for the last hundred or so years), you do really well with some and not so well with others. I've exceeded my expectations on a lot of them but I haven't spoken to as many groups as I intended.

If you're in Johannesburg, please email me so I can come talk to your group. I would love to talk on How to manage your time and take back your life but if that topic doesn't suit you, I have many other topics to choose from.

I will also be in Cape Town from 1 - 4 November (can't wait!!!) so grab me quickly for that time too, and I will probably be in Port Elizabeth for a week around/ near Christmas. A very resourceful reader already emailed me to do a one-on-one session for her, but with the back and forth email negotiations, we're thinking of putting together a workshop :)

Have you read about the Sunshine Organiser?

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P.S. I'm going to post more on goals tomorrow!

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Org Junkie said...

I'm doing my first workshop on October 26th in the next town. I'm so excited but nervous too of course :)