October 18, 2007

Do you have a life list?

I don't think I've ever had such a Google Reader build-up as I've had over the last week and a bit. When I log in, it displays one or two blogs and then hangs FOREVER with subsequent ones. As a result, I was up to 79 unread blogs - crazy!

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

Anyway, I was reading Jen Lemen's blog where she mentioned her life list.

I was re-inspired! I say that because ever since I started reading cool people I know, doing a life list has been on my other list of Things to do one day. I have a 15 things to do in my lifetime list so 100 things seemed a bit overwhelming. You know???

Anyway, I went over to read Jen Lemen's wonderful list and that was all the impetus I needed to start my own one. I have 33 items so far. As I think of things I'm adding them.

Some of the items on my list are:
Have more radio interviews
Appear on TV as an organising and time management expert
Compete in a reality show like The Apprentice
Get rid of all the pigmentation on my face – yuck
Shop at Tescos in London in memory of Ps Mel
Meet at least 10 blog friends – Ali already done.
Take a month-long holiday at the beach

Do you have a life list?

I read on the Cool People blog that once she posted her list, people started appearing in her life to help her get things crossed off. Isn't that great?

It takes some courage to make things happen - you have to reach out. I emailed Ali and through email, we became friends and made a plan to get together. That was my first blog meeting on 24 Dec 2006 and it is unfortunately still the only one!

So if you're in Cape Town and you read my blog, let's meet for a cup of coffee or something when I'm down there in November.

Take action today so you can cross some things off your list (after you make it, of course).

If you want to share some items on your list (whether actual or in your head), please share in the comments.

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Ali la Loca said...

I'm so glad you did e-mail me. It was wonderful to meet on 24 December, and I'm grateful for all the hopsitality you've showed me since then.

I hope you are able to meet another 9 so that you can check this one off your list!