October 30, 2007

Being ready for your hobbies

Two of the things on my life list are:

  1. take a photography class
  2. buy a decent camera
I decided that while I wait for the next class early next year, I'll keep focused by practising.

I read on Superhero Journal where Andrea told someone to take at least 10 pictures a day.

So that's what I'm doing. It helps that I blog because I always take pictures of food and any organising I do. I'm going to start keeping my camera with me full-time so that when moments like these present themselves, I am ready.

I also like the latest bead shots I took. I've been taking really bad close-up photos lately but somehow these just worked and I'm 90% happy with them :)

How do you create time for your hobbies/ passions?

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Org Junkie said...

I love taking pictures and even took a photography class last year. Unfortunately I didn't get any better but I still enjoy doing it.


Marcia said...

Laura, how can you say you didn't get better?! (I'm sure you must have) Or why do you think that is?