September 21, 2007

Why I always need to be coaching on time management

I recently signed up a new coaching client specifically for time management.
She's a busy professional who works both out of an office and on the road, interviewing people. She chatted to me a few months ago but finally decided to get serious a few weeks ago and booked me for an initial 3-month coaching programme.

I have so enjoyed coaching her not just because I love coaching and I get along well with her but because I am giving myself a refresher every time we chat.

It is absolutely great reinforcing principles I fully believe in and have seen the benefits of in my own life and in the lives of countless other people.

I'm a very productive person generally but over the last couple of weeks, I'm amazed at what I've been able to do. I've completed the first draft of my How to become a professional organiser e-book with Suzanne, I have written and completed a Christmas Planner, and I've been blogging like crazy over on Clutter Control Freak and on the Organising Queen blog.

And I've been reading lots (finished 10 books in August and 5 already for Sept).

So I decided that I always need to be coaching a time management client - it's clearly a win-win situation :-)

Seriously, if you do need help, email me personally on marcia @ takechargesolutions. org and I'll be very glad to help you!
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Suzanne said...

Can we also throw in that Ms. Marcia has completed her portion of the book and Suzanne has completely slacked off on her end? I am thinking that you need an extra round of applause on that one, babycakes! I am a completely flattened souffle! Way to go!

Irritable Mother said...

It is so true that teaching someone something we already know helps us know that thing even better.
I love win-win situations!

Org Junkie said...

That's awesome Marcia!

Marcia said...

Suzanne - LOL :)

Karen, it is very true. That's why I don't think we ever learn as much as when we teach those principles to others

Laura, thanks!

Old Fashioned Girl said...

Yep, I've noticed that if I'm helping someone else in a specific area then I also improve. Glad you've found the same.

Melonie ( said...

You've made a great point here! I find the same thing in myself. One reason homeschooling works out well for me - I'll get a refresher course in a multitude of subjects by the time the kids are done!

Hope your client finds great results as well.