September 06, 2007

Thursday 13 - being positive about the hot weather

It's no secret that I LOVE winter and so as the weather warms up, I really really miss it.

I thought I'd make a list of things I am focussing on to keep me positive about the weather.

13 things I'm enjoying about spring

  1. wide open windows and doors
  2. crisp white bedding
  3. salads
  4. flip flops and painted toenails
  5. sexy skirt suits (they were actually normal "power suits" but since I have 2kg to lose, the skirt rides up and is shorter than usual, hence the sexy bit ;) )
  6. waking up easier
  7. ice-cold glasses of water with lemon - yum!
  8. wearing shorts to gym
  9. beautiful blue skies
  10. gorgeous flowers
  11. the sound of children playing outside
  12. cool kitchen tiles under my bare feet
  13. the gentle heat of the sun on my arms while I'm in my car
What do you need to be positive about today?

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Bubblegum109 said...

Can't forget a good BBQ on a warm day!

WAHM said...

It is way too hot here to enjoy anything. It is almost like in the winter time where you are cooped up in the house all of the time!! We all have cabin fever and my kids were actually glad when school started!!
My 13 is up

No Nonsense girl said...

I like spring but prefer fall!!!!

Great TT!!

Alina Popescu said...

I simply love hot weather. Or used to, until it reached new and unseen limits in Romania :) I'd add something to your list: going to your favorite park after a cold winter and see everything suddenly turned green while enjoying your first reading break in the out doors.

Qtpies7 said...

I have to focus on the fact that I am getting paid really good to watch these kids today, lol. Whew! It took 30 minutes to decide I most definately do not want the twins I've been praying for over the last 36 years. 30 minutes wiped that desire out.
So, since it appears God does not plan on giving me twins, He is giving me someone else's to show me that I don't want them, lol.
And another bright spot is that I have a prescription ready to pick up of Vicodin for this migraine they are giving me.

No Nonsense girl said...

Nice TT!!!! Have a great day!!!

*~JESSIE~* said...

Good list. I needed the reminder. I'm really ready for fall! Happy TT!