September 14, 2007

Special announcement - the Organise your Business system

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Small business owners and work-at-home moms

Is this you?

o Do you wish you had more time to implement all your GREAT ideas?
o Do you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do?
o Are you stressed out and frazzled?
o Do you struggle to find a piece of paper, an email or a document on your computer in a minute or less?

That's why I designed the Organise your Business system, which consists of a
1. Business Control Journal (18 pages) and
2. Organise your business e-book (50 pages)

When you've worked through the Organise your Business system, you will have a business manual which will help you…

  • with Big Picture planning so you keep track of your goals and dreams
  • set daily routines to put your business on auto-pilot
  • declutter and sort out your emails and Word/ Excel documents
  • get control of all the paper!
  • prioritise and get the important things done so you have more time for your family
  • create defined business processes and policies
  • organise all your general business functions
  • increase your productivity
  • organise your client contacts
  • create free time for self-care so you don't get burnt out!
  • de-stress as you become more organised

The whole thing is ready for you – all you have to do is invest a few hours upfront to put it together and a bit of discipline every day so that it becomes a habit!

You get all the templates, checklists and tools you could possibly need

Your investment
The entire Organise your Business system costs just R230 (or $US32,95) and consists of:
Business Control Journal (18 pages) and
Organise your Business e-book (50 pages), with sections as follows:
o How to organise your office
o Planning forms – big picture, monthly, weekly, daily
o General Business forms
o Clients
o Personal

What are you waiting for? It's time to Organise your Business!

Email me personally with any questions at marcia @ takechargesolutions . org and I'll be glad to help you, or alternatively

Buy the Organise your Business system now

Thanks for reading! :-)

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