September 12, 2007

Sun and shopping!

Trying to stay silent ;)

  1. Beautiful spring day

  2. Local fair

  3. 9-year-old girl selling these gorgeous items

  4. I couldn't resist - have to support budding entrepreneurism

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Shana said...

That first shot is great. And I wouldn't have been able to resist lending my support either. :o)
Happy WW!!!

Anonymous said...

wow,how beautiful!! I bet you had a great time at the local fair!!

JennaG said...

You are so sweet to buy from that little girl. My husband can't resist buying from little kids--they are so cute--and they always have such hope in their eyes when you walk up.

annie said...

Hey Marcia!
I like the red one :o)!
It looks adorable on Izzy's backpack!
I'm good. Thanks for asking!
(I'm sure using a lot of exclamation points for 6 a.m. my time huh?)
I used my bookmark in my bible and at church last night I kept looking at it.
love ya!