September 16, 2007

Live well

Oprah did a show on Living Well where she featured party planner expert, Colin Cowie. He said that living well has nothing to do with having lots of money; it's about valuing yourself. Hmmm.

Reminds me of that email doing the rounds a couple of years ago where the lady died with all her good clothes and underwear still wrapped in tissue paper, never used.

After that email, I started using all my nice, luxurius towels for everyday use and not only for travelling.

There were some things that really impressed me about Colin. I even wrote them down so I wouldn't forget them.

  1. When he gets a bottle of wine from someone, he writes the person's name on the bottle. Then when he's enjoying it, he drinks a toast to the person. The next day, he'll send a note to say, "I was thinking of you last night". Isn't that nice?

  2. Even if he has supper by himself, he sets a beautiful table with good cutlery and crockery.

  3. He has a gift shelf full of wrapped gifts so that he's always ready for a hostess gift. (I have my shelf but only upcoming birthday gifts are wrapped).

  4. He has personalised stationery at the florist and wine place (?) so that when he sends flowers or wine, they can write his message directly onto the correct stationery. Now that is a great idea!
When I watch programmes like this, I am always inspired to use my good stuff and celebrate life.

  • I've started using beautiful journals for normal notebooks whereas before I'd only use a R10 notebook.

  • I've thrown away most of my grungy gym T-shirts and am using nice ones now.

  • I'm using my expensive shower gels for everyday use, not just special occasions.

  • I'm using beautiful mugs at work even though I know the likelihood of them getting chipped and broken is high :)

How are you living well? Let me know in the comments.

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