September 19, 2007

Investment or expense?

Last month I went to the dentist for my normal check-up. Imagine my shock when she told me that I needed to come in for 3 (!) subsequent visits:

1. root canal needed to be redone
2. crown preparation and a filling
3. final fixing of crown (whatever this is called in dental-speak)

And do you know why? Because I don't floss regularly.

The thing that upset me more than having to go back THREE times (because I hate dentists) is that this could have been prevented if only I was more disciplined with flossing. That, and the R3500 (divide by 7 for US$).

(This was the day Annie made me this signature which cheered me up beautifully)

Our medical aid will pay for it but ours works like a savings account and you know how I am about money? I hate wasting money.

I usually think of money and time in the same terms.

You can spend time and you can spend money. You can invest time and you can invest money.

With this dental issue, I could have invested just R25 for a roll of dental floss and saved R3500!

So let me be an example to you - please FLOSS REGULARLY!

(On the bright side, she told me I brush my teeth beautifully - they can tell this apparently - but the non-flossing results in my cavities between teeth).

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Anonymous said...

Geewiz!I am starting to floss everyday from this momement!

Marcia said...


Excellent - my horror story's inspired 1 person

Org Junkie said...

I'm not so good with the flossing either and I also hate wasting money. Guess I'd better listen up to the words of the wise!

Michelle said...

I hate that dental work is so expensive! Maybe this will make you feel better, or maybe not LOL, but I DO floss regularly, and guess what? I have cavaties! Well not at the moment thank goodness, but I have had cavities, more than my fair share I would say! My husband very rarely flosses and he never has a cavity on check up. How is that fair?! LOL