September 16, 2007


I'm getting serious about shedding those last few kg's so I've decided to stop baking these...

I baked that batch last weekend and so far I've been good! If I don't bake them, I can't eat them, right?!

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CarrieB said...

Several things in my everyday life help me live well:

- I source my foods from local farmers markets, ethnic grocery stores and natural food stores. I love exploring new flavors, textures and ingredients and feel good about feeding my family well. I base my meals on color--lots of vibrant, life-giving color and that makes me feel like we are eating and living well.

- We juice greens daily. When my husband gets home our "5 'o clock cocktail" is actually an extracted juice medlely of greens, lemon and ginger and we look forward to that time and live food energy every day.

- I keep an Idea File Rolodex with colorful, embellished cards listing a lot of places, things and ideas I want to incorporate into our lives. Just spinning through that idea file helps me dwell in possibility.

- I have a standing coffee date, every single Monday morning with my best girlfriend, who happens to live on the opposite coast. We meet by telephone and go over the grand and the insignificant and we both hang up, ready to take on the week.

Marcia said...

Hi Carrie

Those are all great ideas but I LOVE the idea of your coffee date with your girlfriend. What a soul- nourishing thing to do!

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