August 05, 2007

Weekend reflection - 5 August 2007 & Why I will not make a good Zimbabwean!

Highlight of the week
My absolute highlight was chatting online to CoachJ on Wednesday evening. We had such fun, laughing out loud. We've now decided that we must get microphones so we can Skype. But that's another thing for another day :-)

Blogging was extremely sporadic because I'm so busy BUT I am now an expert contributor (I get a kick just writing that) over at the Clutter Control Freak blog. If you read your blogs via a feed reader, please add to your list.

Health and fitness
I seriously need to lose 2kgs. This might be the only reason I'm eager for spring to arrive so that I can stop with all the tea and coffee, and exercise more. I'm really enjoying the hibernation and my computer & reading time.

Aside from the dentist thing, I realised one of my bad habits - I've been having a couple of biscuits (cookies)/ muffin with my late cup of tea or coffee. I need to cut this out and see how that changes things. Right, I'm making myself accountable to you right now.

I went to gym on Monday (only) but I enjoyed it SO MUCH - I could hardly believe it.

Petrol shortage
We had a petrol shortage this week which was weird, frustrating and interesting all at the same time. Because I don't watch the news or read newspapers, I only get the 2-minute update on the radio if I'm driving on the hour or half-hour. Clearly I missed out because I found out about it on Friday morning.

I went searching for petrol (gas) and finally struck gold at the 3rd petrol station. However, there were queues of cars stretching as far as the eye can see. If felt like Zimbabwe (Dion is Zimbabwean and has told me that these sights were common to residents there). I am convinced that I would never have survived in Zimbabwe!

Do you know how long I waited in the queue? 40 minutes. My usual is less than 5 minutes.

I decided to make the best of a bad situation and so I (a) took photos - check on Wed for some of them (b) organised the operational areas mentally (c) people-watched for blog fodder :-)

So now I'm praying that when my R200 runs out, there is plenty of petrol in Jhb.

I am ready for my talk on Wed to Big Banking Group and am very excited.
I joined a networking group called My Genius. If you're registered, send me a message and let's connect.
I had some new brochures printed and they are gorgeous - now I just have to remember to give them to people!

Cooking & baking
I've baked about 5 dozen muffins over the last few days for today (friends over) and to take to work for my birthday tomorrow.
And I baked my first cake in about 15 years (coconut cake) which was delicious.
I was in such a baking tizzy that I forgot to take pictures. Now you know how crazy it was :-)

I'm grateful for
  • Speaking engagements
  • Blog friends
  • Thoughtful husband
  • You, the reader

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Lyn said...

You are so productive!

I also wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday - I hope you have a lovely day!!! Enjoy...

Sincerely, Lyn

Marcia said...

Lyn, thanks!! You are so sweet

Coach J said...

Why was there a gas shortage in Jhb? We had one here two years when Katrina hit. I've never seen anything like it. Americans, me included, are so spoiled, having anything we want whenever we want.

annie said...

I cannot imagine waiting forty minutes for gas! Amazing. I will be less quick to complain about the prices when thinking of you. I hope that your birthday was a wonderful day. How nice you are to make muffins to take to work on your birthday! You must tell me next time you will be on the chat site so I can stop in and say hello. I wish our emails worked! Anyway, happy Tuesday Marcia!