August 13, 2007

How to have an awesome relationship in 8 easy steps

I teach workshops called Awesome Relationships and one of the first things I ask the people to do is to write down 10 positive characteristics about their partner.

The funny thing is that most people really battle with this task simply because they don't often thing about the good things often enough.

There's a marriage meme going on at the moment and you're supposed to write 8 random things about your marriage. I'm going to write about 8 random (good) things about mine in an effort to inspire you to focus on the positive with your partner, okay?

Here we go. My 8 random things are:
  1. Dion and I can talk about anything to one another. We actually always have too much to talk about that he actually says, "Marcia, we need to sleep"!

  2. We like lots of hugging and kissing. We try not to go overboard in front of people but when we have people to stay, they often comment on it (in a good way).

  3. We get each other. I can relate to lots of people but nobody gets me the way he does, and vice versa.

  4. We like to be together but we don't have to be together all the time. For instance, we'll both be home but I'll be in the kitchen and he'll be in the lounge, and we love it - tgetherness but not overcrowding.

  5. We LOVE bookshops. Our favourite place to go is a bookshop. Since we're both bookaholics, we understand each other's obsession.

  6. We tried the cooking together thing when we first got married. That didn't work so well. Then we tried sharing the cooking. That worked very well but apparently I am a bit fussy about having vegetables with every meal. Now I do the cooking and he does the dishes. This works perfectly for both of us.

  7. We like to set goals for our marriage. Short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. It's nice when we can look back and see things accomplished.

  8. When we travel, Dion is the designated photographer because I like socialising and talking to all the new people (friends I haven't yet met). But here at home, I seem to do all the picture-taking because then he can't be bothered. And I must say, I sometimes have a moan about all the stopping to snap pictures but I am always so happy when we download because he takes stunning pictures. Especially street scenes. I do better on the close-ups of food :)
There you go! Now, I'm tagging you, blog or no blog.

Grab a piece of paper and write down 8 random things about your marriage. But let's focus on the positive.

And then go give your spouse a nice big kiss!

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annie said...

Well done!

ZAM said...

my partner and I love bookstores too...we always try to sail through a bookstore because when we're in, time flies so fast and before we know it it's already dark! gasp! and then we buy one too many books..!
love your list.

Marcia said...


How lovely to e-meet you! I'm popping over to your blog now to see what you're up to.

Organising queen and
Take charge blogs