August 19, 2007

Highlights and lowlights


Totally caught up on all emails and other admin...
Had a great coaching appointment with a new client.
Worked 3 hours on a new product.

Good blogging week because I was prepared with my posts on the Organising and Clutter Control Freaks blogs.

Annie phoned me on Monday. The weird thing is I was reading her blog when she phoned me on my cell phone all the way from Oklahoma! I think she still has to get used to the South African accent :-)

Health and fitness
I have decided to get to my good weight using baby steps. This week I said, "come hell or highwater, I'm going to gym twice" and so I did.

I also have now stopped eating after supper - this has been hard. It's so easy to just grab a rusk, or some biscuits (cookies) or a muffin... you see!

This week I have been BLESSED out of my socks. I got a big bonus at work and there is more money coming to me too (totally for nothing, just by the grace of God).

Yesterday, I checked my bank account and our salaries were in 2 days early so I updated my budget, paid tithes, transferred to savings, the usual...

Ps Mel
Then Dion comes home and announces that one of my favourite people in the world, a dear pastor at our church, died on Friday evening. If memory serves me correctly I think she was 52. She'd had breast cancer, went into remission and it came back with a vengeance a month ago. We heard nothing until yesterday.

Well. I couldn't believe it at first and then I started crying those horrible cries where your whole body shakes and poor Dion just held me tight. I looked terrible. We went to church last night and they announced it again, and because they said such nice things about her (all true), I started crying again. I actually had to go to the toilet because I was all out of tissues. The only good thing was that quite a few of us ladies were crying. Why is it that men don't cry?!

Anyway, afterwards I just raced out of there and then I sabotaged all my good behaviour this week by going to Fishaways for greasy fish and chips. I sent an SMS to 2 people who know her but are not in our church. The one person, our hairdresser, phoned back 2 minutes later and I had to let Dion speak to her because I couldn't talk. I don't do the talking and crying thing well. She was also crying.

Last night my eyes were so sore. Burning from all the crying.

Today I am a little bit better but I keep thinking about her husband and kids, and then it starts again. Those two had such an awesome marriage and were literally joined at the hip. They genuinely enjoyed each other's company and were GREAT role models to us.

I tried to use retail therapy to make me feel better. It doesn't really work, does it?! Instead I have some beads (Lyn, they didn't have the cord to make the bookmarks so I'm going back next week, okay?), 3 pairs of jeans, gym clothes and 2 bags. Can you see how sad I am/ was?

Please pray for the family!!!

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annie said...

Oh, so sorry about the loss. Very very sad. I would have handled it exactly the way you did... tears then food then shopping.
I'll pray for her family.

Lyn said...

So sorry about your friend. That is pretty young. I read the obituaries here often to keep me sobered about such things and I often find young people there. It is easy to forget how temporary life can be.

I am sorry for your loss and pain and will pray for her family. Don't even worry about the cord and all that. Take good care of yourself this week & love up on your dh.

Sincerely, Lyn

Marcia said...

Your comment made me smile ;) so thanks for that

Thanks for understanding. I hate it when I say I'll do something and it is physically out of my control, you know??? :-)

BTW, none of those jeans look WOW so they are all going back. My rule is only WOW clothes allowed!

Ali la Loca said...

I'm so sorry, Marcia. What a terrible loss. I'm keeping their family in my thoughts.