August 25, 2007

funeral update

Well, it was better and worse than I expected.

Worse because I cried way more than I expected to. On the bright side, I took those packs of 100 tissues with me in a big bag so I was prepared!

Better because the service was absolutely beautiful - I love when these things are done by people who know the person so it is personal and real.

Ps Mel lived her life full out, with gusto and was a true example of a wife, mother, pastor, friend and Christian. Her one daughter said, "when God created marriages, yours was what He intended" and I absolutely agree. She thanked her dad for loving her mom the way he did. It was so beautiful - I don't think there was a dry eye in the church. Especially when Ps P played Three times a lady by Lionel Ritchie for her. Someone else said, "Ps Mel was meticulous especially in the area of cleanliness and I have no doubt that she's up in heaven dusting the angels' wings right now". So true. That PDM office was its absolute cleanest when they ran the ministry - I always felt nurtured and well taken care of.

Afterwards, we went to give the family our condolences and they had to comfort me! Amidst the crying, I was honest and told Ps P that I hadn't phoned because I didn't know what to say. He reassured me and then said to me, "sorry I missed your birthday". Can you believe it?! Still thinking of other people. Then when I moved on to his other daughter, he said to Dion, "take care of her". Amazing.

I am writing him a loooooong email tomorrow.

Coaching questions
  1. I'm not being morbid but what do you want your funeral to be like?
  2. What will you regret not having done? Start doing those things now. Life is short.
  3. How are you going to change the way you live life?
Please answer these questions in the comments below. I really would LOVE to know what you think!

  1. I am sorting my boundaries out even more. Even at the funeral, there was a snotty comment because people wanted to socialise and I wanted to see the family and then get away, and I was like, "whatever!"
  2. Already, I have started using more of my "nice stuff". I bought a gorgeous keyring at the Cango Caves in April which has been hanging on a hook in my wardrobe. Well, on Friday I took it out and put it on my handbag. Baby steps.
  3. I am already planning our next overseas trip to the UK.
  4. Dion and I also want our marriage to be an example to others the way Ps P & Mel's marriage was to us.
  5. And by the way, I want people to wear bright colours at my funeral. I love bright colours - hot pinks, bright orange and yellow, and lime-green!

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