August 26, 2007

Frugal gifts - beaded bookmarks

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my version of craftiness and after I replied to Lyn's comment, we continued emailing and she asked me if I could explain step-by-step how I make them.

So here we go. Say thanks, Lyn :)

First off, the craft shop didn't have the normal cord that I use so when I went back the second time, I lowered my standards and got this silver cord.

I like to give books as gifts and if I have some of these ready, I'll throw one in too. It's always nice to have something that someone's made especially for you, isn't it?

They also make good gifts by themselves for teachers or people you don't know that well.
  1. You need to get cord that is thin enough so you can thread the beads easily.

  2. I usually dab some clear nail polish on the ends and rub the ends between my thumb and forefinger so that the ends form a point.

  3. This silver stuff is horrible to work with because it unravels very quickly so I had to use beads with big holes.

  4. Start off with about 50 cm so that you have plenty of room to tie knots. It's also easier when buying because they sell the cord by the metre.

  5. The actual part that will go in the book can be anything from 20 - 25 cm. I usually aim for 23cm.

  6. Measure off 25cm and make knots on either end like this. (Dion was sleeping so I had no-one to hold it taut for me).

  7. Before you tie the knots, fold the cord in two to check that the two ends have an equal amount left.

  8. Now string the beads in whichever pattern and combination you like. Make sure all the beads and cord match by laying them all out beforehand.

  9. Normally I'd just string all my beads and knot the end. This time because I'm using these silvery leaf things I thought it would look cute if I made an extra knot. And it does.

  10. The silver cord in the middle goes in the book.

This particular bookmark cost R3,20 (about $US 0.45) in materials and you can easily churn out 6 - 10 in an hour, depending on how fancy you want to get. You will get better as you go along, I promise.

I use a deep, plastic ice-cube tray to store my beads and I'll do these in front of the TV. Nice and calming.

When you package the bookmark, write on the back of the cardboard, "this bookmark was made for you by _________" just in case the recipient of your gift doesn't know what it is ;)

If you make this bookmark, please link back to this post. Then come and comment so I can visit you too!
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Lyn said...

I love the colors you made with this - I think the silver leaf is pretty too. Thanks for sharing how to make this! Now I must go and convert cm into inches!

Thanks again, Lyn

Marcia said...

:-) Lyn, you're on your own there. Sorry - I only know metric!

I'll send this one to you - send me your address!

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