August 12, 2007

Crafty goodness

I realised over the last couple of days that I'm inspired by reading all the creative/ photography blogs in my Google Reader.

There is so much yummy goodness out there - it is great. And it's challenging me to step out of my box a little bit. It's also quite relaxing for me instead of always doing logical, left-brained activities.

This is what I did a few weeks ago, all in one night, while watching TV.

How can you challenge yourself to step out of YOUR box?

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Lyn said...

Those bookmarks are so pretty, are you planning to sell them or go to a craft show?

Marcia said...


Lyn, you flatter me! NOOOO - I give them away as gifts when I give books.

Ali la Loca said...

Are these earrings? I'm a bit confused. But if they are earrings, let me just warn you, the addiction only gets worse from here on out!

I suppose the draw is the same even if they are bookmarks, but I'm curious about why they are in pairs. You can see I don't make bookmarks. :)

Also, happy belated birthday! Hope it was truly wonderful.

Marcia said...

No, Ali, they're just the two symmetrical ends of the bookmark. I just package them like that 'cos they look cute ;)

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