August 28, 2007

Change your perspective

Just a few short weeks ago it was "real" winter with temperature highs of only 12 - 14 degrees Celsius.

Then we had a warmish spell with mid-day temperatures of around 22 - 24 degrees.

It then cooled for a day or two to around 18 degrees and people were complaining bitterly about the cold weather where just a few weeks ago most of Jhb was relishing that same 18-degree weather.

Which made me think about perspective.

Perspective is just changing the way you look at something. If you approach it from one angle, a change of perspective means you try and see it from another angle.

We were talking about weather but let's talk about your life circumstances.

If you're frustrated with the way something's working (or not working) in your life, try and look at it from another perspective. You might find a solution or maybe you'll be able to accept it more easily.

Coaching lesson
I coached someone a year ago who was desperately frustrated with his job.

We worked on an action plan and he eventually moved into a sales position which he thought would be the ultimate job for him. A few months later he realised that sales was not a good fit for him and we transitioned him back to a similar position to what he had before.

He is now extremely happy and yet not much (except the passage of time) had changed.


With a change in perspective, he realised that he was actually well-suited to the original position. It just took a new look at things for him to realise this.

He also stepped out of his box and at least now, he's not living with any regrets.

Coaching questions
  1. Have you had a change in perspective recently?

  2. Do you need to look at things differently?
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