August 15, 2007

Blogging and God-given gifts

I mentioned before that I do volunteer work at the church helping people to discover their passion, God-given gifts and their personal style. It is SOOO awesome when you see how people get that they were created exactly as God would have them be!

Anyway, because I have such a keen interest in personalities and whatnot, I've been thinking about how people's God-given gifts affect their blogging style. And trying to guess their gifts from their blogs (of course, only if I think I have a "handle" on them).

I keep meaning to post my thoughts but I forget! And then when JennaG posted this, I remembered again and thought I have to do it before I forget again!!!

CoachJ and I have discussed this via email because she definitely has a prophecy and a teaching gift!

And then Annie gave me a Nice Matters award - isn't that sweet of her? Now Annie is an encourager and a giver through and through!

I'm giving this award to the first 3 bloggers I think of! And while I'm at it, I'll tell you what I think their motivational gifts (Romans 12) are:

  1. Barb (who I think has hospitality and giving)

  2. Lorie (who definitely has encouragement & mercy)

  3. Bridget (also gift of encouragement)


This is my opinion only. I haven't done a proper assessment with them so it's just from glimpses at their blogs!

Do you feel like guessing what my motivational gifts are?

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Barb said...

How very nice of you, Marcia. Thank you very much for thinking of me. And that disclaimer cracks me up. LOL

JennaG said...

Hey marcia, I think I could do a blog on just personality and gifting talk--I love it so much! Wouldn't you say that most people with the gift of prophecy are choleric? Just wondering...

annie said...

Great assessment Marcia. I think Barb is very hospitable!
I am so not good at determining gifts. You will have to just tell me. I could guess several areas for you.

Lorie said...

Thanks Marcia. I have been gien this award three times now! I guess I am just too nice to everyone lol! I think you are pretty acurate, but I would add teaching on there. That is definately one of my gifts!

Lorie said...

So okay, here is mine, not really what I thought,
Here is mine
The Perceiver: 70%
The Server: 70%
The Teacher: 50%
The Encourager: 65%
The Giver: 80%
The Ruler: 40%
Showing Mercy: 52%
Seems like so close numbers?