August 06, 2007


That's how old I am today.

I've had lots of phone call, email, SMS and blog comment birthday wishes and it is all greatly appreciated.

Sometime during this week I want to do some self-coaching and ask myself these questions:

  1. what do I want for my life over the next 12 months - family, business, health, etc.
  2. am I living according to my values? how can I live more according to my values?
  3. what do I want more of that I'm not getting?
  4. what do I need to change?
  5. where can I simplify?
  6. how can I work smarter and not harder?
  7. how can I incorporate more fun?

Why don't you also join me and ask yourself these questions? If you need help, I'm just an email away.

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Coach J said...

Happy birthday!! I have to say it as much as I can...:)

Corrie Haffly said...

Happy birthday, Marcia! Hope you have fun self-coaching yourself!