July 02, 2007

Weekend reflection - 2 July 2007

This is very late just like last week but I consciously decided “no pressure” yesterday evening so I just posted my menu plan and a recipe and that was that!

Highlight of the week

I had a wonderful online chat with Annie on Monday - wow, she types so fast. And her son Bailey is sooo sweet. When she told him she was online with someone from South Africa, he said, "they have computers there?" Well! I laughed for about 5 minutes after that.

We had snow in Africa on Wednesday!!! The last time it happened was in 1981 – I was only 7 and not living in Jhb then. I only moved here in 1993.

We went to have supper at our friends’ home on Friday night. They are in a new house and we’ve only been there once before.

I assumed D had the directions, he assumed I did and we only figured this out when we were on the highway. However, you’ll be pleased to know I got us almost all the way there just from memory (it helps to be a visual learner). Once we were in the security community however, I was totally disoriented because so many more houses had since gone up so we had to phone for further directions.

We had a lovely evening of food but the company was even better!

We went to a beautiful wedding yesterday. Usually in Jhb, people never invite children to weddings. This one was different and everyone (we spoke to) agreed that having children there made it more real.
The venue and decor were beautiful - of course, I took pictures of each course of food, flowers, everthing but I'll just give you a glimpse of the gorgeousness.

But one of the best things was the music. They had a live singer who was OUTSTANDING. And it helped that he sang all my favourites - Just the way you are - Billy Joel, Layla - Eric Clapton, You can leave your hat on - Joe Cocker, New York, New York - Frank Sinatra and that song right at the end of My Best Friend's Wedding (the one she dances with Rupert Everett), which by the way, is my favourite movie ever!

The bride (Dion’s boss) was beautiful and the little girl at our table called her The Princess! Isn’t that sweet?! I think it was because she wasn’t in a typical wedding dress – it was a silvery-grey, medieval type dress (or so I thought anyway).

I did a pdm assessment this week. Our church is moving to a new building (first services 21 and 22 July) further from our house and we won’t have such nice ministry facilities there.

Also, I don’t particularly enjoy driving on highways so I’ve been scrambling to get all my assessments scheduled in time. I have 3 left – one is scheduled for next week and I want to do another the following week.

Health and fitness
I only went to gym once last week but ate quite well. The weight is still the same but just this morning, it was down 0.5kg. Now let’s see if I can keep it down til Wed when I weigh.

Business stuff
I braved the end-of-month madness at the post office and collected a parcel from my fellow PO and blog buddy, Suzanne.

Suzanne and I are writing a book together. Oooh – how exciting. It is and we exchanged our first chapters this weekend and guess what? Our writing styles are very similar so I am very chuffed!

Oh, and I turned two yesterday.

In the kitchen
We followed our menu plan perfectly but swopped two days around.

I made some of those oatmeal cookies – took some to the friends mentioned above, brought some to work and we polished off the 6 that were left :-)

Have a great week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I think your weeks always sound so good. The picture of the wedding place setting is gorgeous. I hope you have a great week this week!

annie said...

That was funny huh? I want to chat again soon. I really enjoyed talking to you!